The DSA Board of Directors convened in Washington, D.C., this past week for its final meeting of 2009 to, among other items of business, approve the association’s 2010 operating budget and consider several proposals put forth by the Ethics and Self-Regulation Committee.

Dan Murphy (Immunotec), who serves as Treasurer of the association, announced that the Finance Committee is anticipating a small budget surplus in 2010. It seemed only appropriate that this report was followed by information from association executive vice president Joe Mariano highlighting the average members monetary contributions in any given year. While it seems like DSA is always asking you for money, you can see that actual contributions are somewhat minimal, no matter the size of the company providing them, Joe observed. Charts displayed showed dues dollars far out-weighing any other monetary contributions members pay to the association, with executive education and sponsorships following behind.

Directors were grateful for the information, though association Chairman Tom Kelly (Avon) reminded those around the table that membership dues alone are only part of the equation. It’s like joining a health club you can pay your dues but if you don’t show up it doesn’t do you any good.

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